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Blocked Drains Woollahra

Each and every property will require some sort of maintenance to keep it in peak condition. This includes regular cleaning, fixing things that become outdated or broken and on the odd occasion, clearing a blocked drain. This water-related issue can commonly occur in home or places of business and can easily be fixed by a drain professional. Our team here at Sydney’s Blocked Drains are expertly trained to deal solely with drains so we are the best people to call in times of need. To make things even easier for you, we have a 24-7 emergency line, so you don’t have to wait until morning when experiencing an issue.

What will happen when the professionals attend a property?

When you call one of our friendly team members, they can provide you will an obligation-free quote. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we are transparent as possible about all of the costs. Once you are happy with the quote, we will then arrange to attend the property. We will be the adequate amount of staff required for the task, and we will bring all of our own state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the issue is taken care of quickly and effectively. Usually, the first step is to find the location of the block. We achieve this by using a special CCTV-Drain camera. This allows us to be accurate and there is no guesswork involved. This device is made up of a high-definition camera which is located at the end of a cable. The cable is then pushed down a pipe, so we can see inside your drainage system. A live image is shown on our monitor, so we can see exactly where the problems lay.

The next step is to remove the blockage. This can be done with our high-pressure water jetter. Water is fed through a high-pressure pump and then propelled through a series of jets. The main hose is put down the drain, and all of the different nozzles which are propelling the water, take care of the blockage. As each of nozzles varies in shape and size, they are sure to take care of all different types of blockages. On the odd occasion, a pipe will not be blocked but will instead be damaged. In this event, we are able to repair this without digging up your property.

Are they ways that a blocked drain can be avoided?

Of course, some blocks occur due to plain back luck, other blocks can easily be avoided. It is wise to monitor the sorts of things that go down the drain. For examples, putting a mesh cap over drain holes is the perfect way to stop chunky food scraps going down the kitchen sink, or mass amounts of hair going down the shower hole. We commonly see people flush baby wipes and other sanitary items down the toilet which can lead to issues, so we advise that a bin is kept in the toilet area to dispose of chunky items correctly.

How can Sydney’s Blocked Drains be contacted?

Our professional team can easily be contacted by giving us a call on 1300 403 201. All queries are welcome, and we are happy to offer obligation free quotes. We can further be reached via our online contact form or by sending us an email on service@sydneysblockeddrains.com.au. If you are looking for more information about blocked drains, please head to our blog for loads of advice and handy tips.

Available 24/7 | $0 Call-Out Fee!

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