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Common myths about blocked drains

//Common myths about blocked drains

Common myths about blocked drains

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When it comes to blocked drains in your household, it seems everyone has an opinion about how to fix or prevent problems. Read on to discover common myths about blocked drains – and brush up on the facts instead.

A common myth is that pouring chemicals down the drain will dislodge a blockage. The truth is that the safest and most reliable way to remove a blockage can only be done with the tools available to experts. If you are dealing with a stubborn blockage in your pipes, pouring noxious chemicals can even damage the pipes and make the problem worse. Save yourself the trouble and get in touch with us at Sydney Blocked Drains for all your drain unblocking needs.

An often-believed tale about blocked drains is that they are only caused by flushing items that should not be flushed. This can even lead to blame games within a household as all parties deny flushing the errant items. While it is true that sanitary items and bathroom wipes can cause blockages, or exacerbate existing blockages, it is not always the cause. For example, it may be that part of your drainage system has been cannibalised by the well-established roots of a nearby tree. It may even be a neighbour’s tree or a street tree, rather than one on your own property. To get to the bottom of your blocked drain – and prevent the issue from recurring – you can call on Sydney Blocked Drains. Using our innovative drain camera, we can directly visualise any blockages and damaged areas of your pipes.

For many people, pouring cooking oils and grease down the sink is totally normal. It is very common – but incorrect – to believe that your kitchen sink is equipped to handle it. Some may assume that pouring oil down the drain is bad for environmental reasons but will not cause blockages or any other issues for you. Sadly, this view is misguided. Unless your sink has a garbage disposal, this habit will gradually create problems for your drains. Over time, fats can harden inside the pipes and congeal with food matter and anything else you might have thoughtlessly washed down the sink. The truth is that cooking oils should be disposed of in the bin. It can be convenient to pour cooking oils into an old jar and dispose of the entire jar when full.

Another potentially damaging blocked drain myth is that it is simple to resolve problems with just a bit of DIY know-how. This could not be further from the truth. While you may be able to do some simple cleaning at home, such as clearing out the S-bend under the sink, it is not advisable to tackle problems that lay deeper. Calling in an expert not only ensures the problem is dealt with, it also means that you and your family’s health is not at risk from a dodgy DIY repair.

If you require an expert for your drain issues, Sydney Blocked Drains is here for you. Call us on 1300 403 201 to make an appointment.

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