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How to clear grease from a blocked drain

//How to clear grease from a blocked drain

How to clear grease from a blocked drain

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At Sydney Blocked Drains, we often see drains clogged from domestic use, including build up of cooking oils.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – or so the famous saying goes. You can avoid clogging your drains with grease with some simple behaviour modifications. Pouring cooking grease down the sink is a very common habit, but one you must break if you want to avoid calling in a plumber to fix the problem. Rather than pouring out your cooking pans into the sink, any oil or grease should be collected in a small jar or can that you keep in easy reach of the stove. When you have filled the container, it can go into the bin. Your sink can only cope with so much grease, and once you have exceeded this limit you will have drainage problems very quickly.

A tell tale sign of a blocked drain is slow drainage. If you notice that liquids are draining slower than usual, you need to take action immediately. This is not a problem that will resolve on its own without intervention. Paying no mind to a grease clogged drain will eventually result in messy and unpleasant issues such as liquids flowing back out of the sink.

Severe problems will always require the attention of an expert. If you are experiencing backflow, get in touch with us at Sydney Blocked Drains and we will be able to sort out your problem. We are able to dislodge drain blockages using a multitude of tools at our disposal. For severe blockages, we use a powerful water jet to displace any build up that should not be there.

For situations in which you are not experiencing drainage problems yet, there are some simple home remedies you can try which may help. These do not supplant the need for an expert, but can be used in combination with revising your kitchen cleaning habits to alleviate the issue. You may be familiar with chemical drain cleaners, but apprehensive about using them. You would be right to be cautious – these products must be handled correctly for your safety. Long term use can also be damaging to your pipes and to the environment. Such products can be used occasionally, but only with extreme caution. Gentler cleaning products can often produce mildly effective results. Vinegar, which is prized for its many household uses, can be used to make a solution to clean the inside of your drains.

You may have thought about flushing out the S bend, which is a simple task to those who are handy around the house. While you may be capable of doing this yourself, it may not be effective depending on the location of the blockage. It is certainly worth trying, but keep in mind you may need to call in an expert to address clogs that are further down in the pipes.

If you are experiencing a blocked drain emergency, you can reach us at Sydney Blocked Drains around the clock. Call us on 1300 403 201. We are available for call outs after hours. Or, you can leave us a message through our website or via email and we will follow up with you. We are the experts in pipe relining and unblocking, as well as preventative drain maintenance.

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