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How To Know If You Have A Damaged Pipe

//How To Know If You Have A Damaged Pipe

How To Know If You Have A Damaged Pipe

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Most people know what to look out for when establishing if they have a blocked drain. Things like an odd odour can indicate a blockage and let people know that action must be taken. There is, however, occasions where there isn’t a blockage but instead is a damaged pipe. It is important to spot the difference between a blocked pipe and a damaged pipe as the course of action required is very different. Instead of removing the blockage, the damage to the pipe must be located and then replaced or resealed. Leaving a damaged pipe can lead to bigger issues down the track, so it is important to diagnose when a pipe needs to be fixed. Here are some ways to know if you have a damaged pipe in your home or place of business.

The house is very old.

If you are experiencing some drainage issues and you suspect a damaged pipe, it is important to look at the age of the property. Buildings that are very old may not have had their drainage systems replaced for many years and it may simply be time for an update. Where possible, it is wise to check what previous work has been done the property to establish if the pipes have been replaced or worked on in the past decade or two. If not, it may be time to get a professional out to investigate the quality of the pipes.

There are trees near the drainage system.

A quick way to establish if pipes are damaged is by checking if there are any trees or plants near the drainage system. Tree root perforation is all too common and one of the leading causes of cracked pipes. Once there is a crack it is important to call out an expert, but a great way to prevent this from happening is by removing any trees or plants away from pipes. The pipe layout can usually be estimated by looking at the properties plans.

You live near a beach or salt water.

A build-up of sand or salt-water can cause pipes to rust and erode. So, if you are someone living near a beach or salt-water it is entirely possible that your pipes are damaged. Chatting to a professional about how to best maintain your drainage system is a great way to prevent damage in the future, but in the meantime, it is important to have any issues addressed right away.

You are careful with what you put down the drain.

If you are someone who is extremely careful with what they put down their drains, it is possible that the pipes are instead damaged. Of course, there are outside factors that can cause blockages such as leaves or dirt build-up, but if you are suspicious of a crack then enlisting the help of a professional is the next step.

There is a water leak.

Finally, if you spot a leak near your drainage system there is a high possibility that there is a damaged pipe. It is best to turn off your water if possible and immediately call out an expert. A leak can lead to other issues such as the growth of mould, so it is important to address the issue as soon as possible.

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