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How to unclog your shower drain

//How to unclog your shower drain

How to unclog your shower drain

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A clogged shower drain is a troublesome problem requiring a swift solution. At Sydney Blocked Drains, we are able to help you resolve your clogged shower drain as well as any other blocked drain problem. Read on for solutions you can try at home, but please note that for severe or ongoing blockages, expert attention is required.

You will know you have a clogged shower drain when the water no longer drains as quickly. This can be problematic in the shower if flow outwards is slower than the rate of water delivered by your shower head. This renders your shower unusable, assuming you do not want to flood your bathroom!

The first step is to remove any blockages that you can see. It is very common for shower drains to become clogged with hair, which naturally sheds when you wash your hair. You can prevent hair from clogging your drain by clearing out any trapped hair after each shower. Presuming you did not develop this habit and are now trying to figure out how to unclog the drain, you can try to remove any clumps of hair that are visible when you look down into your drain. This step is important for two reasons. Firstly, in some cases, you may be lucky enough that it fully resolves the problem. Secondly, if you find yourself retching at having to pull out a clump of hair, you probably do not want to proceed to the next steps and would be better served by calling Sydney Blocked Drains to resolve the problem.

Once you have removed all the hair that can be easily pulled out, if your drainage problem persists, you will need to dissemble the drain. If it has a strainer, you are in luck – simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove, clean, and reinstall it. Sometimes, this is all you need to do to return your shower to perfect working order. If not, there are tools that you can obtain to mechanically remove blockages located near the drain. Those who are handy around the house can attempt to dissemble the drain, mechanically clean it, and put it back together.

You may wish to try natural methods of unclogging your drain, such as baking soda, or a solution of baking soda and vinegar. While this is unlikely to resolve any serious issue, it usually cannot hurt. You may also find that baking soda is useful to clean the outside of the shower drain, resulting in a shinier appearance. While most low impact cleaning products will not cause harm to your drains, be aware that harsh chemicals including commercially available drain cleaners are not advised for home use due to safety issues and the potential to cause further damage to your pipes.

These methods clean the shower drain, but the problem may be located in the pipes. In this case, you are beyond the territory of DIY and will need to call in a plumber to locate and resolve the problem.

When you have a blocked drain and need it resolved permanently and quickly, Sydney Blocked Drains is your first port of call. Get in touch with us by phone on 1300 403 201, including outside of business hours for urgent call-outs. You can also contact us by email or through our website contact form.

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