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What to do if you have a blocked sink

//What to do if you have a blocked sink

What to do if you have a blocked sink

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A blocked sink is a common occurrence, an annoying phenomenon which befalls most households at some point. If you are noticing that your sink is draining slowly, that is indicating a problem which requires your attention. It is always recommended to find the source of the problem and address it as soon as possible, not only due to the inherent inconvenience of a blocked sink but also to prevent the issue from becoming even worse. Here is what you should do if you have a blocked sink.

Firstly, consider that the cause of the slow drainage may be right near the entry point. This is your best-case scenario. You may be able to remove the debris yourself. This is a likely possibility for kitchen sinks, especially if you are in the habit of washing food scraps down the drain (note – you may wish to avoid doing so in future). Food lodged in the drain entry area can sometimes be quite easily dislodged using a simple concoction of baking soda and vinegar, and pouring it down the sink. This is usually a good first step, as it is gentle enough that it will not cause harm to your pipes. Unfortunately this does not usually solve the problem despite being worth a try. You may also want to try using a chemical drain cleaner, which will rid your drain of food scraps and grease. These products should always be used with the utmost care and caution, as they are very dangerous if they splash onto your skin. Also, chemical drain cleaners are damaging to the environment so do not use these too liberally.

If these methods have solved your issue, consider yourself lucky, and examine your sink habits to try to avoid such build up in future. In the scenario that you have seen no change, you may wish to remove the S-bend under your sink and clean it out. This is fairly easy for those with basic household maintenance skills, and there are plenty of easy tutorial videos available online to demonstrate the process.

A blocked sink which persists after these methods will require the expert attention of a plumber. When you call us at Sydney Blocked Drains, we will arrange a time convenient to you for us to come and investigate the issue. We are available twenty four hours a day, so we can come out at odd hours if there is a situation requiring urgent attention. When presented with a blocked sink, we can use our CCTV drain camera to investigate and locate the blockage precisely. We then are able to use a variety of methods to easily dislodge the blockage. Generally, we will use a high powered water jet to clear it out. This method does not cause harm to your pipes or to the environment, but is incredibly effective. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to re-line your pipes. This Is generally the case where the blockage has been caused by encroaching tree roots which have broken your pipes.

To book a time for us to come to you, call us at Sydney Blocked Drains on 1300 403 201. You can also deliver a message to us through the form on our website. A blocked sink is always an issue which should be taken seriously – trust us to fix it for you.

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