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When to consider pipe relining

//When to consider pipe relining

When to consider pipe relining

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Pipe relining is a relatively modern and evolving process that’s used to repair damaged pipes in a much cheaper and easier manner compared to completely replacing pipelines. Pipe relining is useful to deal with many types of drainage issues – from small leakages in the pipelines, to fully burst pipes. We’ve put together common instances where pipe relining can be considered and would provide an efficient solution.


  1. Blocked drains

Pipe relining will serve as an easy and durable solution to a blocked drain. Using this method, the source of the blockage can be found without any overly invasive procedures. Once the source of the block is identified, an efficient solution is developed and implemented.


  1. Burst pipes

Sometimes, oils and larger wastes in your drainage pipelines can increase the pressure in the pipes. If left unattended, this can cause serious damage to not only the pipe alone but also its entire plumbing line, ultimately leading to the pipes expanding until they eventually burst. If you suspect a clogged pipe, contact us to assess the pipelines and offer appropriate solutions or maintenance.


  1. Tree root intrusions

Naturally, roots are attracted to the water flowing through the pipelines. However, if the pipelines have even minor leaks or cracks, water will be released into the neighbouring soil, and attract tree roots to penetrate into the pipes to reach the moisture inside. Once they are inside, they will take over and cause blocks in the pipeline. Pipe relining will repair potential damage that tree root intrusion causes to the pipelines, while providing a long-term, durable solution to prevent future tree root intrusion issues.


  1. Rusting

Rust is one of the most common causes to damage in steel, copper, and cast-iron pipes. Rusting is caused by high levels of exposure to oxygen and other oxidising agents, and ultimately deteriorates the pipe by weakening its structural integrity. This can then lead to cracks and leakages. To combat this, make sure that you have routine inspections, maintenance and if needed, repairs, before the issue causes major problems with your plumbing.


Compared to traditional methods of fixing plumbing issues, pipe relining is must faster and easier to deal with. As a result, it is also very cost-effective, allowing you to receive high quality pipe relining services at an affordable cost. In addition, this method also ensures that your natural landscapes are preserved – since pipe relining is a relatively non-invasive process, there is minimal disruption to your home, your neighbourhood and your surrounding community. Pipe relining is also durable and can serve as a long-term solution to most plumbing issues like burst or cracked pipes. Pipe relining ensures that the pipes are robust enough to last decades. They are lined and coated with durable materials that prevent cracks, leaks and rusting in the pipes, as well as preventing roots from penetrating the pipe joints.


Feel free to get in contact with us at Sydney Blocked Drains for effective and affordable pipe relining services. Give us a call or alternatively, contact us through our website, and we can find the optimal solution for your plumbing needs.

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