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Why you should avoid drain cleaning products

//Why you should avoid drain cleaning products

Why you should avoid drain cleaning products

2021-04-25T10:09:04+00:00April 11th, 2021|

If you are experiencing a blockage in your sewerage pipes, or if the drainage is starting to become slow, you may consider using commercially available drain cleaning products. As these products are easily available in the supermarket and quite affordable, you may think they are worth trying. While these products have their uses, you need to be wary when it comes to using them to clean out your drains. Read on to discover why caution is needed, and what other options you should consider first.

Household drain cleaning products are comprised of noxious chemicals that purport to clear out minor blockages. Usually, they will be strongly alkaline. The idea is to dissolve any fat, grease, and even hair that may be trapped or lining the sides of your pipes. The product will cause chemical reactions to dislodge different types of materials that commonly block pipes. With a larger cross section, liquid should flow through the pipes faster.

Safety is the first consideration when it comes to evaluating the suitability of drain cleaning products. The harshness of these products is their selling point, but this also presents a considerable safety risk. Any contact with your skin will cause burns. Drain cleaning products are also dangerous for your eyes and your respiratory system. Protective gear is a must, but if used incorrectly you are exposed to serious hazards. It is better to leave these dangerous tasks to highly trained professionals.

Another reason to be wary of drain cleaning products is that they cause deterioration of your drainage system. As the chemicals involved are quite strong, they can have severe impacts on the life of your pipes, even leading to breakages. They may even cause immediate issues for older pipes. While it is not recommended to use these products, they should certainly never be used if you do not know the type and condition of your drains.

When it comes to a blocked drain, it is better to address the root cause rather than attempt to use products that may provide short-term relief. At Sydney Blocked Drains, we are experienced in all sorts of drain blockages. Putting a chemical down the sink is pure guesswork; whereas a visit from Sydney Blocked Drains will provide you with information about exactly what the problem is, and how you can fix it permanently.

Finally, the environmental impact of drain cleaning products can be severe. If it turns out that your issue is not a lump of hair stuck in the pipes, but something more serious like a cracked or broken pipe, the product may leach into the local environment. Even if your pipes are intact, noxious cleaning products are bad for waste-water treatment systems.

If you are experiencing a suspected blockage or other problem with your drains, call us at Sydney Blocked Drains. As a leading specialist, we will be able to identify and address the problem quickly. You may call us on 1300 403 201, or for a less urgent enquiry, you may prefer to leave a message through our website, and we will follow up with you. Please note that Sydney Blocked Drains is available around the clock for call-outs. If you are experiencing an urgent plumbing issue, no matter the hour of day or night, you can call on us for a swift response.

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