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What Is A High Pressure Water Jetter?

A Water Jetter is the most economical and efficient way of clearing a blocked drain. Water is feed though a high pressure pump which propels the high pressure water through a series of hoses. The main hose is then fed down the drain forcing high pressured water out of the attached cutting nozzle jets on the end of the hose. These nozzles vary in shapes and sized and they all have different benefits depending on what blockage you are trying to clear. Using a trained operator makes all the difference to determine how well the blockage is cleared.

How Will Using A High Pressure Water Jetter Benefit Me?

High pressure water jetting is the most efficient way to clear a blocked drain, thus saving time and money. High pressure water jetter’s are very versatile and can make their way through multiple bends in your drainage system. High pressure water jetting will help you clear your blocked drain by:

  • Obliterating tree roots
  • Blasting out grease and fat build ups
  • Breaking up and flushing silt, dirt & debris
  • Flushing the whole system
  • Washing away hard scale & grime

Is It Better To Use An Electric Eel Or A High Pressure Water Jetter?

Electric Eels have become a thing of the past as they simply cannot clear a drain as efficiently and effectively as a water jetter. The Electric Eel is a mechanical machine that feeds a series of metal cables down the line with sharp cutting heads attached to the end. Once feed down the pipe these cutting heads are only really useful to cut out tree roots as they cannot break up grease or debris efficiently. Most of the time when the Electric Eel is used to cut through tree roots or debris the cutting head only pulls out what is attached to it and the rest is left in the drain to potentially cause another blockage further down the line.

A High Pressure Water Jetter on the other hand uses water pressure which is forced out small jets in the nozzle on the end of the hose. These fine water jets are powerful enough to cut up and flush away even the most stubborn of blockages. Water jetter’s effectively save you time and money by clearing the drain faster and cleaner than the electric eel.

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