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No-Dig Sewer Pipe Repair

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What Is “NO DIG” Pipe Relining?

“NO DIG” Pipe Relining refers to the method in which we can repair a broken drain without the need to excavate your garden, lawn, footpath or driveway. Until recently having a broken drain due to tree roots or ground movement meant that you had to excavate right down to the drains depth and replace that section of pipe, some being over 2m deep. New pipe relining technology enables us to install a new pipe lining inside the old broken pipe which will leave you with a permanent seamless drain repair.

Why Use “NO DIG” Pipe Relining?

Repairing a broken drain can be very messy and cause a huge disturbance to you and others. The outdated way of repairing a broken drain is by excavating down and replacing the broken section of pipe with a new one. The new way of repairing a broken drain is by creating a new pipe inside the old pipe.

How Does It Work?

A CCTV Drain Camera is used to identify the problem area of the blocked drain. Once the problem has been successfully diagnosed by our Drain Experts the drain will need to be cleared using the high pressure water jetter of any debris or tree roots. The length of the repair will then be measured and the new liner will be cut to size. The epoxy resin is then mixed together and the liner is soaked generously coating the liner. The liner is then inserted into the pipe covering the section of pipe that needs to be repaired. The liner is then inflated inside the existing pipe and left to set for approximately 3 hours. The Bladder is then removed from the pipe and the CCTV Drain Camera is used for a second time to make sure the reline was successful. This leaves you a permanent seamless fix to your broken drain. The drain is now in fact better than its original state as the new pipe liner is much stronger than the original pipe itself.

Types Of Drains That Can Be Relined?

  • If you have a drainage problem, blockage or require a Drain Expert to diagnose your drain giving you the best solution, call Sydney Blocked Drains.

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