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Pipe Relining Ku-Ring-Gai

Any damage to drainpipes requires a solution that is often troublesome, disruptive, expensive, and time-consuming when the conventional method of drain repairs is used. But we at Sydney Blocked Drains are always on the lookout for better ways of solving drain problems without compromising the quality of the outcome which we consistently deliver. Technological advances and improvements in procedures has enabled our team to increase our capability by providing the best solution for damaged or broken drains. This technology is called Pipe Relining, and it is now available in Ku-Ring-Gai.

Pipe Relining is a non-invasive technology that provides faster, more durable, and cost-efficient results compared to the traditional method of repairing broken or damaged drains. It eliminates the need for major excavations to locate and repair or replace a section of the drainpipe, thus cutting off a significant amount of time spent on the job. Aside from the economical savings, structural damage to the property oftentimes associated with traditional method of drain repairs is totally avoided or kept to a minimum because Pipe Relining requires little to no digging to access and repair the damaged part of the drainpipes.

Before the development of Pipe Relining, the traditional way of repairing damaged drainpipes was considered to be a major undertaking due to the sheer amount of excavation needed to access the drainpipe. In some cases, entire lengths of drainpipes are excavated from underground to locate the damaged parts and make repairs. This method has made countless gardens, pavements, and landscaping projects the “sacrificial lambs” in order to make the much-needed repair. Consequentially, this adds in the large amount of time and money spent on activities that are not even directly involved in the actual repair. In short, the traditional way is a an expensive way of wasting your time.

The Pipe Relining Work Method

Pipe Relining becomes possible to repair even extensive damage to underground drainpipes without digging up the landscape. Below are the steps our professionals at Sydney Blocked Drains follow when performing the job:

  • Using the existing drainpipes, our team uses a CCTV Drain Camera to determine how much damage the drainpipe has suffered.
  • We also check whether there is any blockage caused by tree roots or any other materials within the drainpipe.
  • Materials present within the pipes are cleared using High Pressure Water Jetter.
  • Once a damaged section has been located by the CCTV Drain Camera, a liner coated with epoxy is inserted and inflated on the damaged area within the drainpipe.
  • We wait for about 3 hours allowing the inflated liner to firmly set within the drainpipe.
  • The bladder is then deflated and removed from the pipe leaving behind a seamless epoxy lining inside your existing pipe.
  • The team will insert the CCTV Drain Camera one more time to check whether the work has been completed to the highest standard.

This method is extremely effective, non-invasive, and easier on the pocket compared to the conventional drainpipe repair method. We are confident on the quality of the procedure that we provide a 50-year warranty for our Pipe Relining work. This means you get an extremely solid and durable drainpipe on your property that is probably even more resilient than what you previously had.

The Pipe Relining Method Can Be Used To Fix Pipes Made Of But Not Limited To:

  • Earthenware
  • Cement
  • PVC
  • Cast Iron
  • Galvanised Steel

On top of our 50-year guarantee, our Pipe Relining work comes with two free CCTV Drain Camera inspections every year. For more information on Pipe Relining, you can speak with our experts on 0488 812 174 or send us your queries and requests via our online form and we will revert shortly. When you hire us for this job, you are assured of the best services at the most cost-effective pricing.

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