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Strata Pipe Relining

Any damage to the underwater drain pipes on strata properties is a challenge for plumbers if they decide to use conventional methods to detect and fix the problem. Traditional processes are not only invasive but need a lot of labour and are expensive to carry out.

Our customers at Sydney Blocked Drains, trust us for our high-quality, cost-effective plumbing services and proven modern plumbing techniques. We know that damage to underwater drain pipes can be expensive and troublesome to fix, which is why we recommend strata pipe relining for these issues. In this non-invasive plumbing process, we use the latest “no dig” pipe relining technique, high-quality equipment, and tools to fix the problems quickly and efficiently.

What Is Strata Pipe Relining?

In the conventional method, detecting and accessing the damaged pipeline requires digging out a large portion of your landscape. After finding where the problem lies, the entire drain pipe may need to be removed and replaced with a new pipe. The latest innovative strata pipe relining method eliminates extensive digging and replacement of the entire drain pipe. In this non-invasive process, we install an epoxy lining inside the damaged pipe.

We have mastered the strata pipe relining technique for damaged drain pipes and provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. This epoxy lining can last for up to 50 years and creates a seamless sleeve within the damaged pipe.

How Is Strata Pipe Relining Done?

  •  Our team will first locate the area where the damaged pipe is.
  • They use a powerful CCTV drain camera that provides a video feed of the inside of the pipeline.
  • The camera helps identify the location of the problem and the cause of the drain blockage.
  • A high-pressure water jetter will be inserted into the pipe to clear the drain of debris and trees roots etc.
  • After measuring the length of the pipe the plumbers cut the liner to cover the inner surface of the pipe.
  • The epoxy lining will be inserted into the pipe and inflated.
  • The team ensures that the liner sets perfectly inside the damaged pipe. It will be allowed to set for at least three hours after which the bladder will be removed from it.
  • The experts will assess the finishes lining by using the CCTV camera again. They leave the place only after making sure that the process is a complete success.

Pipes For Which Strata Pipe Relining Is Used

Strata pipe relining is a permanent and seamless solution to fix broken drain pipe problems. As mentioned above, it is seamless, resilient, long lasting, and doesn’t disrupt your property as the traditional technique does. The process is used for pipes such as:

  •  Sewer
  • Stormwater
  • PVC
  • Cement
  • Cast Iron
  • Earthenware

We cover our pipe relining work with a 50-year guarantee and also include two free CCTV drain camera inspections yearly, on this work. For more information on strata pipe relining you can speak with our experts on 1300 403 201 or send us your queries and requests via this online form, and we will revert shortly.

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