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Why Choose Sydney Blocked Drains Over A General Plumber?

We make sure our team of plumbers have been specifically highly trained in:

  • Unblocking Drains
  • Pipe Relining
  • Repairs
  • New drainage systems

This ensures that your drainage problem will not only get fixed by the best but more efficiently and cost effective. We will never push you into unwanted or un-necessary work so you know you can rest assured that you are getting the best value service.

What Sets Us Apart?

Sydney Blocked Drains has invested in state of the art drain clearing & repairing equipment which sets us apart from your general plumber. We are licensed plumbers turn Drain Experts as we only work with drains, we don’t do general plumbing which makes us the first choice when you need an efficient solution to your drainage problem. Years of experience and training in drainage systems along with our CCTV Drain Camera will take the guesswork out of fixing your blocked drain. Being able to see inside the pipe to find out the cause of the blockage is a major advantage when finding you a more permanent solution to your blocked or damaged drain.

Our Process

Inspect The Blockage

We use our top of the range CCTV Drain Camera to inspect your blocked drain which enables us to diagnose the problem quickly.

Clear The Blockage

After the cause of the blockage has been determined we will then know what equipment & tools are required to clear the blockage efficiently and quickly.

Re-Inspect & Provide Solution

Once the blockage has been cleared a final CCTV Drain Camera inspection is performed to confirm the blockage & all debris have been removed from the drain.

Repair Or Reline

After the final CCTV Drain Camera Inspection an honest recommendation will be given to the client on weather or not the drain will need to be repaired, replaced or relined.

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